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How to Apply?

Are You Eligible?

To see if you qualify for free equipment, you should:

  • 1

    Be a legal resident of the State of North Carolina

  • 2

    Have an income that is up to 250% of the current federal poverty level

  • 3

    Have a certificate of disability signed by your speech and language pathologist or therapist

DSDHH Regional Centers

The Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DSDHH) provides services through its seven North Carolina regional centers. These services are open to individuals who have speech disability.  There is no charge for these services.

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program

The North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCTAP) serves all people who need assistive technology to lead independent lives. With eleven regional centers across the state, NCTAP provides training, consultations, demonstrations, and workshops. NCTAP can also assist with seeking financial assistance for equipment.

Some examples of assistive technology for people with speech disabilities are speech-generating devices, communication boards/books, software with speech output, artificial larynxes, devices that produce text but not voice for face-to-face communication, voice clarifiers, voice amplifiers, and stuttering aids.